Hi! My name is Norman, a creative professional with a passion for capturing beauty in everyday life. An artist who sees the world through a lens, creating stunning photos that tell a story. A photographer who has a unique and stylish perspective on the world around them.
Over the last five years of my career, I earned a sense of creativity. I want to show the beauty of life in a chaotic world. In my journey as a photographer, I thought the photos I took needed more spark, so I enrolled in graphic design classes and more photography courses.
I combined my photographs with visual arts and finally saw what I was looking for.

Check out my portfolio and see how I transform normal photos into enchanting ones! More images under Gallery section.

NCII Photography Certification by T.E.S.D.A.
Issued on: Feb 17, 2023

Cameras, Exposure, Photography Certification from Coursera accredited by Michigan State University
Issued on: March 1, 2023